SUNDAY, APRIL 9th, 6:00

Bring Resume and 16 bars of music


Character Breakdown
5males, 3females

ASH – college student, male (tenor / baritone)

  • hero and iconic character of the musical, devoted S-Mart housewares employee evolves over the course of the show from a cowardly college student to a wise cracking deadite slayer with his detachable hand chainsaw and 12 gauge "boomstick”.  Rock vocal range.
  • CHERYL – college student, female, (mezzo / alto)
  • Ash's sister and the odd woman out in the group, looking to spend a week relaxing, she is the recipient of Scotty's jokes and torment, the only one to sense the evil surrounding the cabin, she is the first to be possessed.  Changing from quiet and reserved to an aggressive, foul mouthed demon that speaks in very bad puns. 
  • ANNIE – mid-twenties, female alto (actor also plays SHELLEY)
  • Annie:  Daughter of Prof. Knowby.  She is the overbearing, sexy, explorer who finds missing pages to the Necronomicon and wants to reunite with her father to continue their research, very bossy and drawn to Ash.
  • Shelleybeautiful, easy, and not too smart, Scotty's latest fling and looking to party, just because she becomes an evil demon doesn't mean she can't look good doing it. Comfortable in skimpy clothing.  Great comic timing.
  • LINDA – college student, female, soprano
  • the prototypical girl next door, sweet, thoughtful, and completely devoted to Ash, until she turns evil and tries to kill him, laughs an annoyingly inordinate amount of time after transforming.
  • SCOTT – college student, male, tenor
  • a prankster and Ash's best friend, thinks himself the brave one until he's forced to kill, then his panic leads him to flee, returns to warn Ash about the woods and attempts to help his friend even as he is knocking on death's door. Also VO as Prof. Knowby
  • ED – mid-twenties male, bass (actor also plays MOOSE)
  • Ed: Annie's coworker, boyfriend, and doormat, travels with her to the cabin to proceed with their research of the book of the dead, after turning evil, his confidence may lack but this "Bit Part Demon" is ready to sing.
  • Moose: Moose head hung on the wall that becomes possessed by Candarian demon. Sings in fun moose voice.
  • JAKE – mid-thirties male, baritone
  • Hick who helps find lost cabin.  Strong character actor and comic performer. 
  • FAKE SHEMP – male.  This role is basically all the small roles in the show… the severed hand, the headless body etc.  (optional role, might be divided up amongst other actors in show)


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