You can rent our cabaret stage for $500 for 4 hours

for 4 hours on Sundays between the hours of 6pm and 11pm. So If you allow an hour before and an hour after your event for setup and strike you’ll have 2 hours to entertain.

Each additional hour is $200.


What do we offer with our rentals?

* A BAR: We have an alcohol license for Beer and Malted Beverages which includes, at no extra cost, a bartender.

* COMPUTERIZED LIGHTING SYSTEM: Our lighting system is flexible enough to offer a variety of looks on stage as well as in the seating area. We will work with you to program light cues before your event. A light technician is included at no extra cost.

* MICS AND MIXER: We can supply up to 4 mics as well as a CD player. A sound technician is included at no extra cost.

* PROJECTOR: We have a drop down screen and 4500 lumens High Definition projector and DVD player, Included at no extra cost.


Any rental request outside of Sundays we will be more than happy to work with you.


To request a rental date simply call 714 526-7070


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